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NSBT Graduates Receive $1,000 Each from Founder Dr. Nduom

Pioneering Students Rewarded, School Commits to Continued Success

by Ikeoluwa Juliana Ogungbangbe
NSBT First Graduates

In an unprecedented move that underscores the importance of education and entrepreneurship, Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom, the founder of the Nduom School of Business and Technology (NSBT), rewarded the school’s first eight students with $1,000 each upon their graduation. This generous act took place during NSBT’s landmark event, which combined the institution’s first-ever graduation ceremony with its third matriculation ceremony at the Ayensudo campus.

The ceremony was a momentous occasion, marking the graduation of 25 students and welcoming 90 new students into the institution. The pioneer graduates, comprising eight females and 17 males, demonstrated academic excellence, with distinctions spread across various classes of honors. Dr. Nduom’s original promise to provide the initial students with seed money to kickstart their business ventures while studying was thwarted by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, he upheld his commitment by awarding them cash during the graduation, encouraging them to invest wisely and embark on productive entrepreneurial journeys.

The event served not only as a celebration of the graduates’ achievements but also as a reaffirmation of NSBT’s dedication to fostering a high standard of education in business and technology. Dr. Nduom stressed the school’s aim to become a leading institution in these fields, highlighting the practical and enriching learning environment it offers. In his address, Dr. Nduom imparted words of wisdom to the graduates, emphasizing the importance of perseverance, optimism, and valuing the bonds formed during their time at NSBT. He assured the alumni of the institute’s support in securing productive employment and achieving success in their future endeavors.

For the new students, Dr. Nduom’s message was one of inspiration, urging them to emulate the diligence and commitment of the graduating class and to strive for academic excellence. Rev. Prof. Daniel Adjepong Nyarko, Rector of NSBT, shed light on the institution’s efforts to forge international partnerships and enhance its educational offerings. These initiatives include collaborations with universities in the USA and a language proficiency program for Ivorian students, showcasing NSBT’s commitment to global educational standards.

Representatives from the Ghana Tertiary Education Commission commended NSBT for its achievements and encouraged the graduates to leverage their education to address societal challenges and secure employment. The graduates were reminded of the versatility of their skills and the broad applicability across various sectors. As NSBT celebrates its first batch of graduates and looks forward to its future growth, the event marked a significant milestone in the institution’s journey towards achieving its vision of excellence in education and contributing to societal development.

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