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Ghanaian Passports: New Fee Structure Reflects Production Costs

Travelers from Ghana Face Adjusted Passport Application Fees

by Victor Adetimilehin

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration has implemented a revised fee structure, effective April 1, 2024. The update aims to ensure a more sustainable passport application process.

Standardized Fees and Expedited Options

The most significant change involves the standard 32-page booklet, which now costs GH¢500. This represents a considerable increase from the previous fee of GH¢100. Travelers opting for the larger 48-page booklet will now pay GH¢644.

For those requiring expedited processing, the fees are even higher. A 32-page booklet with expedited service comes in at GH¢700, while the 48-page option with expedited processing reaches GH¢800.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs proposed the fee increase in 2023, citing the significant cost disparity between passport production and application fees. Previously, the government heavily subsidized passport booklets.

Foreign Affairs Minister Shirley Ayorkor Botchwey explained the situation to Parliament, highlighting that producing a single booklet cost roughly GH¢400, while the application fee was only GH¢100. Minister Botchwey emphasized that this imbalance was “no longer sustainable” for the government.

Transparency and Streamlining the Process

The new fee structure aims to ensure Ghanaians pay a more “realistic price” for their passports, according to the Ministry. The additional revenue generated is expected to cover production costs and potentially lead to improvements in passport processing efficiency.

While the fee hike may pose a temporary challenge for some travelers, it is a step towards a more streamlined and sustainable passport application process in the long run. The increased transparency in costs can also help Ghanaians make informed decisions regarding their travel document needs.

Travelers from Ghana are advised to factor in the new passport application fees when planning their trips abroad. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration website provides Ghanaians with detailed information on the application process, including the required documents and current fees.

Looking ahead, the Ghanaian government may explore further optimizations to the passport application process. This could involve improvements in online applications, appointment scheduling, or faster processing times. By implementing these changes alongside the revised fee structure, Ghana can ensure a more efficient and user-friendly passport application experience for its citizens.

Source: Graphic Online 

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