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ECG Boosts Ashanti with 15 New Power Transformers

Reliable Electricity on Horizon for Ashanti West Residents

by Ikeoluwa Juliana Ogungbangbe
ECG Ashanti West transformers

In a significant move to enhance the power supply and support the socioeconomic growth of the Ashanti West Region, the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) has announced the successful commissioning of fifteen new transformer injections. This development is part of ECG’s continuous efforts to provide reliable and quality electricity services to its valued customers throughout the region.

The initiative was prompted by an extensive evaluation conducted by the power distributor, which identified about 630 transformers nationwide nearing their full capacity, with 46 of these located in the Ashanti West Region alone. To address this, ECG ramped up inspections of transformers, both during the day and at night, to assess their integrity and to monitor load readings more accurately.

The newly commissioned transformers are strategically placed in various towns across the Ahinsan, Abuakwa, Bibiani, Suame, and Offinso Districts, covering critical areas such as Wood Village Estate, Foase, Twedie Foase, and several others. This upgrade not only involved the installation of new transformers but also the enhancement of some existing lines and transformers that had reached their maximum capacity.

Mr. Maxwell Dapaah, ECG’s Ashanti West Regional General Manager, emphasized that the drive behind this extensive project was the company’s mission to bolster Ghana’s socioeconomic development through the provision of efficient and safe electricity. He pointed out the challenges faced prior to the project’s completion, including localized outages and low voltage issues, which stemmed from the overloading of transformers.

To combat this, transformers with a capacity of 200 KVA were upgraded to 315KVA, and in some cases, to 500KVA, to adequately cater to the growing demand for electricity in the region. The General Manager highlighted the benefits of the project, which include a significant reduction in system losses, improved reliability and stability of power supply, and enhanced operational efficiency. This, in turn, is expected to lead to increased customer satisfaction.

Ing. Emmanuel Osei Amoako, the Regional Engineer for the Ashanti West Region, also pointed to the project’s pivotal role in ensuring a consistent and reliable power supply. This reliability is essential for attracting and retaining businesses in the region, contributing to the overall happiness and satisfaction of ECG’s customers. Further illustrating ECG’s commitment to improving service delivery, Ing. Osei Amoako revealed ongoing projects, such as the construction of a substation at Agogo and the upgrading of other transformers and distribution lines. He also called on the public to assist in protecting ECG’s installations by reporting any unauthorized access to the network and discouraged illegal connections, emphasizing the importance of paying bills promptly.

To facilitate easier bill payments and reduce the risk of illegal connections, Mr. Dapaah encouraged customers to utilize ECG’s newly introduced cashless payment system. This system allows customers to pay their bills conveniently through the ECG PowerApp or via a dedicated shortcode, *226#, from anywhere at any time. He also noted that customers intending to visit ECG offices should preload money on their mobile wallets, as cash transactions have been phased out in favor of more secure and convenient payment methods.

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