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ECG Reassures on Stable Grid Amid Local Outages in Ghana

Localized Faults, Not Grid Instability, Cause Recent Power Disruptions

by Ikeoluwa Juliana Ogungbangbe

The Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) has moved to reassure the public about the stability of the national power supply, amidst concerns over recent power outages. In a press release distributed on Easter Friday, the company clarified that these interruptions were due to localized faults rather than issues with the national grid’s stability.

ECG’s announcement comes at a time when intermittent power outages in various areas have sparked speculation about the health of Ghana’s power infrastructure. The power distributor emphasized that the national grid remains robust and reliable, attributing the sporadic power disruptions experienced by some customers to localized technical issues. ECG has encouraged those affected by such outages to report them promptly for immediate resolution. Further shedding light on the situation, ECG disclosed that it had issued over 100 power outage notifications since the beginning of the year, primarily due to scheduled maintenance work. This proactive communication strategy aims to keep consumers informed and manage expectations regarding power supply disruptions.

The company’s disclosure was in response to a query from the Public Utilities Regulatory Commission (PURC) concerning the frequency and nature of power outages reported in the current year. The PURC, which oversees utility services in Ghana, had also requested ECG to provide a detailed load shedding schedule, highlighting the regulator’s interest in ensuring transparency and preparedness in managing the nation’s power supply. ECG’s efforts to communicate openly about the causes of power outages and its assurance of a stable national grid reflect the company’s commitment to service excellence and customer satisfaction. By distinguishing between national grid stability and localized faults, ECG aims to alleviate widespread concerns about Ghana’s power sector’s reliability.

Moreover, the power distributor’s readiness to engage with regulatory bodies like the PURC underscores a collaborative approach to addressing utility challenges. ECG’s proactive stance in notifying the public about maintenance-induced outages demonstrates a commitment to transparency and accountability in its operations. In the broader context, ECG’s dialogue with the PURC and its engagement with the public serve as vital components of a strategy aimed at bolstering confidence in Ghana’s electricity sector. As the company continues to tackle localized faults and enhance its infrastructure, the overall goal remains clear: to deliver a stable, reliable power supply that supports the nation’s growth and development ambitions.

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