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Ghana’s All African Games: Millions Spent, Questions Raised

Opposition Party Demands Audit, Blames Government for "Embarrassing Spectacles"

by Victor Adetimilehin

Ghana’s participation in the ongoing All African Games has been marred by controversy, with the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) calling for a forensic audit of the event’s budget and organization.

The NDC accuses the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) of mismanagement, citing a string of logistical problems faced by Ghanaian athletes. These include the withdrawal of the national cycling champion due to a malfunctioning personal bicycle, and the reported dissatisfaction of the swimming team over undisclosed reasons.

South Africa Pulls Out Due to Substandard Facilities

Adding to the woes, South Africa recently withdrew its men’s and women’s hockey teams from the Games due to the poor condition of Ghana’s hockey pitch. This incident highlights broader concerns about the adequacy of facilities and overall preparedness.

The NDC claims the government allocated a substantial $195 million for pre-games preparations, with an additional $48 million allocated to the Local Organizing Committee for logistics. Despite this significant investment, the party argues that the results have been nothing short of “embarrassing” for Ghana.

The NDC has outlined a series of demands, including the dismissal of the Minister of Youth and Sports, Mustapha Ussif, for alleged “gross incompetence.” The party also seeks the dissolution of the Local Organizing Committee and a televised parliamentary probe into the management of both finances and organization.

A forensic audit, as proposed by the NDC, would provide a detailed examination of how funds were allocated and spent. This level of scrutiny could potentially uncover instances of mismanagement or misappropriation of resources.

Government Yet to Respond to Allegations

The NPP government has yet to respond publicly to the NDC’s accusations. However, the challenges faced by Ghanaian athletes and the withdrawal of a major competitor raise questions about the effectiveness of planning and resource allocation for the Games.

The ongoing controversy surrounding Ghana’s participation in the All-African Games underscores the importance of transparency and accountability in managing major sporting events. A thorough investigation, coupled with a commitment to learning from these shortcomings, is crucial to ensure Ghana can host future events successfully and avoid similar pitfalls.

While the current Games may be overshadowed by controversy, Ghana can use this experience as a catalyst for improvement in future sporting endeavors. By prioritizing athlete well-being, investing in proper infrastructure, and ensuring responsible financial management, Ghana can strive to regain its reputation as a capable and respected sporting host nation.

Source: Graphic Online

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