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Health Ministry Responds to ECG’s Disconnection Warning Over Hospitals Debts

by Ikeoluwa Juliana Ogungbangbe
ECG hospital debt resolution

The Ministry of Health has sprung into action in response to the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG)’s stern ultimatum to 91 healthcare facilities, threatening disconnection over unpaid electricity bills. With a staggering combined debt of GH¢261 million looming over these institutions, the Ministry is hastening its efforts to avert potential disruptions in medical services.

In an enlightening interview on Adom FM’s morning show Dwaso Nsem, the Ministry’s Public Relations Officer, Isaac Baah Offei, disclosed the proactive steps being taken to tackle the crisis. “The Ministry of Health is fully aware of the situation and is actively seeking to resolve it,” Offei stated, highlighting the gravity with which the Ministry is approaching the matter. To address the issue head-on, the Ministry plans to convene with hospital administrators to devise a strategy that includes debt reconciliation and payment plans. Offei emphasized the Ministry’s commitment to settling the outstanding balances, mentioning that “Efforts to settle the debts were initiated last year, and meetings are being held with all affected hospitals.”

The list of indebted health facilities is notable, featuring prominent hospitals such as Korle Bu Teaching Hospital, the 37 Military Hospital, and Ridge Hospital in the Greater Accra region, alongside other key regional hospitals. This widespread debt challenge underscores the critical need for a sustainable solution to ensure that healthcare operations remain uninterrupted. Offei reassured the public that partial payments have been made towards the outstanding debts, but acknowledged that more needs to be done to fully clear the arrears. The Ministry’s proactive stance aims to mitigate the risk of disconnection, ensuring that hospitals can continue to provide essential medical services without the threat of power cuts.

This looming crisis highlights the broader issue of financial management within the healthcare sector and the imperative need for institutions to maintain their utility commitments. The ECG’s decision to issue an ultimatum is part of a larger effort to recoup owed revenues and enhance its operational efficiency, serving as a wake-up call for public institutions to prioritize their financial obligations. As the Ministry of Health engages with the affected hospitals and the ECG to find a viable path forward, stakeholders remain hopeful that a resolution can be reached to safeguard the continuity of healthcare services across the country. The situation serves as a stark reminder of the interconnectedness of utility services and public health, underscoring the importance of financial discipline in sustaining Ghana’s healthcare infrastructure.

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