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Ghana Preps for Peaceful 2024 Elections, Tackles Internal Conflicts

Stakeholders Unite for Harmony, Address Economic Disparities Ahead of Vote

by Ikeoluwa Juliana Ogungbangbe
Ghana 2024 Elections

In a proactive move to safeguard Ghana’s peace and stability, a forum in Bolgatanga has brought to light the critical need for the nation to preemptively tackle internal conflicts before the 2024 general elections. Key issues such as chieftaincy and land disputes, rampant unemployment, disparities in development, and the specters of discrimination and marginalization were spotlighted as potential disruptors that could threaten the nation’s tranquility, especially in the politically charged atmosphere of election years.

This significant gathering drew together a diverse group of stakeholders, including representatives from the National Peace Council, security agencies, the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE), as well as traditional and religious leaders. The event was orchestrated by the Navrongo-Bolgatanga Catholic Diocesan Development Organisation (NABOCADO), with the support of MISEREOR. It forms part of the Integrated Peacebuilding for Improved Food and Nutrition Support (INPEACE) project, which aims to fortify peace structures at the community, district, and regional levels within the Upper East and North East Regions.

The forum provided a valuable platform for these stakeholders to forge networks and strategize on enhancing regional security, forestalling conflict in the upcoming 2024 elections, and addressing threats emanating from the Sahel region to promote peace and safeguard livelihoods. Mawuli Agbenu, the Upper East Regional Director of the NCCE, underscored the imperative of learning from the destabilizing factors in Sahelian countries that have led to violent extremism, acknowledging that similar social, economic, political, religious, and ethnic challenges exist within Ghana. He highlighted the uneven development patterns, high unemployment rates, and instances of neglect as key issues, calling for inclusive policies that foster participation and recognition across the board.

Ali Anankpieng, the Executive Secretary of the Upper East Regional Peace Council, emphasized the importance of resolving the Bawku Chieftaincy conflict to prevent it from being exploited by malevolent forces aiming to incite violence during the election period. He also stressed the necessity of taking decisive actions to curb the proliferation of arms within the country. Naba Yelzoya Kosom Asaga II, Paramount Chief of the Nangodi Traditional Area, pointed out the pivotal role politicians play in maintaining a peaceful election period, urging them to engage in respectful discourse and promote a culture of peace.

Dr. Joseph Bangu, Director of Good Governance, Justice, and Peace Directorate at NABOCADO, detailed the organization’s seven-year effort in building community and district-level frameworks to avert conflict. He mentioned that the regional level engagement would bolster the progress achieved thus far, highlighting the need for intensified education to ease tensions among citizens and foster internal peace, particularly in the lead-up to, during, and following the 2024 elections.

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