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Youth Empowerment: How a Teacher Plans to Transform Tano South

A young teacher, Bernard Agyei Kwakye, is running as an independent candidate for Tano South, with a vision to empower the youth

by Victor Adetimilehin

Tano South, a constituency in the Ahafo Region of Ghana, is set to witness a historic election in December 2024. A young and dynamic teacher, Bernard Agyei Kwakye, is running as an independent candidate for the parliamentary seat, with a vision to improve the lives of the youth in the area.

A teacher with a mission

Kwakye, who is popularly known as “Bullet”, is a 30-year-old professional teacher who has been teaching in various schools in the constituency. He told the Ghana News Agency that he decided to run for parliament because he was dissatisfied with the performance of the previous representatives, whom he accused of neglecting the needs and aspirations of the youth.

“My political vision and mission is not NPP/NDC rhetoric, it’s a serious paradigm shift that would make a whole lot of difference in the socio-economic and political development of Tano South Constituency, and the larger Ghanaian society,” he said.

He said he would focus on three thematic areas: education, health, and job creation, to ensure practical improvement in the living standards of his constituents, especially the youth.

Education, health, and job creation

Kwakye said education was the key to unlocking the potential of the youth and preparing them for the future. He said he would work to improve the quality and accessibility of education in the constituency, by providing scholarships, infrastructure, teaching materials, and incentives for teachers.

He also said he would advocate for the establishment of a health training institution in the Bechem Municipality, which currently lacks one. Kwakye said this would not only provide opportunities for the youth to pursue careers in the health sector but also improve the health care delivery in the area.

“Mark my words, I will make sure Bechem gets a nursing training school, if you vote me as your MP, in the December 2024 polls,” he said.

He added that he would also create jobs for the youth by supporting entrepreneurship, agriculture, and tourism. He said he would facilitate access to credit, markets, and training for young entrepreneurs, as well as promote the cultivation of cash crops and the development of tourist attractions in the constituency.

A call for unity and support

Kwakye said he was confident that he had the support of the majority of the voters, who were yearning for change and development. He said he was not intimidated by the two major political parties, the New Patriotic Party (NPP) and the National Democratic Congress (NDC), who have dominated the constituency since 1996.

He appealed to the constituents to bury their differences, unite, and rally behind him to realize his dream, stating; “Please, don’t demean my age and financial status.”

“I have all it takes to pull a surprise and make a mark in your general well-being in the constituency and Ghana as a whole.”

He said he was optimistic that his victory would inspire other young and independent candidates to participate in the democratic process and contribute to the nation’s progress.

He said he was hopeful that his vision would become a reality, and that Tano South would become a model of youth empowerment and development in Ghana.

Source: Modern Ghana 

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