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Kennedy Agyapong Champions Brother’s Bid for NPP Ticket in Bantama

Agyapong Pledges Support in NPP's Bantama Parliamentary Primaries

by Adenike Adeodun

Kennedy Agyapong, a notable political figure, has pledged full support to ensure his brother, Ralph Opoku Agyapong, secures the New Patriotic Party (NPP) parliamentary ticket for the Bantama Constituency in Ghana’s Ashanti Region. This move sets the stage for a significant contest in the upcoming November 27 primaries against incumbent Francis Asenso-Boakye.

Agyapong, speaking to delegates during a recent campaign stop, emphasized the importance of choosing a representative who remains grounded and committed to the people’s welfare. “Don’t vote for someone who would become pompous and forget his roots,” he urged, highlighting the need for leaders who remember their community’s long-standing support for the party.

In a bold statement of commitment, Agyapong declared his readiness to contribute financially to his brother’s campaign. He stressed the potential for significant development in Bantama under his brother’s leadership, promising close oversight to ensure effective and respectful interaction with constituents. “I will be like a watchman over him,” Agyapong assured, emphasizing accountability and progress.

The issue of financial incentives in politics was also addressed, with Agyapong alleging that Asenso-Boakye planned to offer delegates 5,000 Ghana cedis. In response, Agyapong confidently stated his willingness to outspend any such offers, underscoring his financial capacity and commitment to seeing his brother succeed. He criticized the use of money and threats in politics, advocating for a more sincere and respectful approach to leadership and community engagement.

According to a report by Ghana Web, Agyapong’s support for his brother comes amidst concerns about the incumbent’s attitude and approach to leadership. “I am not in Bantama, but people urge me to help my brother run because Asenso is disrespectful,” he commented, reflecting on the negative perceptions surrounding the current MP.

The upcoming primaries on January 27, 2023, will be a critical moment for the NPP in constituencies with incumbent MPs. Delegates will decide between Asenso-Boakye and Ralph Agyapong, determining the party’s parliamentary candidate for the 2024 general election. This contest in Bantama represents not only a choice between two candidates but also a broader reflection on the qualities and values the NPP seeks to embody in its representatives.

Kennedy Agyapong’s involvement adds a dynamic layer to the primaries, bringing his influence and resources to support his brother’s candidacy. As the political landscape in Ghana continues to evolve, the outcome of this primary will be closely watched, both for its immediate impact on Bantama and for its potential implications for the NPP’s future direction.

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