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Ghana’s 4th Republic at 31: Reflections and Aspirations by Leader Mahama

On the 31st Anniversary of Ghana's Democracy, Mahama Calls for Strengthening Governance and Protecting Citizens' Rights

by Ikeoluwa Juliana Ogungbangbe

Today marks a significant milestone, as Ghana commemorates the 31st anniversary of the 1992 Constitution, which restored democratic governance to the nation. In his capacity as the leader and flag bearer of the National Democratic Congress, the party that played a pivotal role in establishing the current constitutional order, John Mahama reflects on the journey of Ghana’s democracy, acknowledging its imperfections while celebrating its resilience.

Democratic governance has undoubtedly served Ghana well, offering hope for continued progress. However, Mahama emphasises that democracy should transcend elections. It should lead to improved governance, safeguard individual freedoms, and ensure a high quality of life for all citizens.

On this occasion, Mahama pays tribute to the leadership of President Jerry John Rawlings, who played a pivotal role in the formulation of the 1992 Constitution, and President Atta Mills, who established the Constitution Review Commission. He expresses regret for the legal hurdles that hindered the implementation of the Government White Paper on the Commission’s recommendations.

Looking ahead, Mahama, in his role as leader of the National Democratic Congress, reaffirms his commitment to pursuing the various processes outlined in the white paper if elected President in December 2024. His focus will be on strengthening governance institutions, protecting citizens’ rights, and combatting corruption. These reforms aim to reduce the dominance of the executive, curb the politicisation of state institutions, address the disparity in remuneration between Article 71 officeholders and other workers, and reinforce the fundamental rights of all citizens.

Mahama calls upon all Ghanaians to collectively uphold their responsibility to preserve democracy. He urges government officials to adhere to constitutional principles and avoid actions that undermine democratic rights. He also raises concerns about incidents of electoral disruption and violence, such as the events of the 2020 elections, and urges eternal vigilance to safeguard the integrity of future elections.

In a poignant note, Mahama expresses disappointment that President Nana Akufo-Addo has not offered condolences to the families of those who lost their lives in the 2020 election-related violence. He calls for accountability and justice for the victims.

In conclusion, Mahama extends congratulations to all Ghanaians on this significant occasion, envisioning a future where Ghana’s democracy flourishes and the nation fulfils its promise as a beacon of success.

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