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Samuel Ankrah Vows to End NPP, NDC Dominance in Ghana’s Politics

Independent Presidential Hopeful Promises Political Revolution in 2024

by Adenike Adeodun

Samuel Ankrah, an independent presidential candidate for Ghana’s 2024 elections, has declared his commitment to breaking the long-standing duopoly of the NPP and NDC in the country’s political arena. In an enlightening interview with Kwame Larweh of Graphic Business, Ankrah expressed his determination to bring about significant change in Ghana’s political future.

According to a report by Graphic Online, Ankrah, a seasoned investment banker, global business strategist, and development economist, described his candidacy as a divine intervention to disrupt the existing political order. “I am willing to sacrifice my comfort, family, and business interests for the greater good of Ghana. My decision to run is a response to the nation’s call for change,” he stated.

His movement, ‘The Alternative Force for Action’ (AFA), is centered on serving the broader interests of Ghanaians, beyond the confines of traditional party politics. His comprehensive 10-point agenda includes key areas such as affordable housing, healthcare, education, and sound economic policies, all aimed at building a more inclusive and prosperous Ghana.

Despite acknowledging the formidable challenge posed by the well-organized NPP and NDC, Ankrah remains steadfast in his mission. He is ready to battle for the economic freedom and well-being of Ghanaians, urging them to choose a path that deviates from the status quo on December 7.

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