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Business Owners Express Concern as Low Patronage Hits Post-Festive Season

by Ikeoluwa Juliana Ogungbangbe

As the festive season comes to a close and businesses anticipate a return to normalcy, a prevailing sense of inactivity has left many business owners disheartened. The slow sales and low patronage of services are leaving a trail of concern among various sectors.

Bankers, in particular, have felt the brunt of this post-holiday lethargy. A banker, reflecting on the day’s events, described it as painfully sluggish. “As I am talking to you right now, we are just sitting here idle. None of the customers are even coming. I am sure there’s no money left in the system again. Majority of them have finished splurging during the holidays, so maybe they are now returning to work to replenish their finances,” he lamented.

The banker explained that the first working day of the year was expected to be slow, but he anticipated a resurgence in banking transactions by Monday, January 8. “At the beginning of the month like this, it’s not easy for customers to come for a loan because you plan for a loan for a purpose. So, for you to come for a loan just to manage your daily expenses, I think it’s not easy for any customer. We are just waiting for them. Roughly maybe from Monday,” he optimistically stated.

In the educational sector, teachers have also felt the effects of the holiday hangover. While classes have officially begun, most students are yet to return. “It has been good so far, though not as active as it used to be because I facilitate adult learners, and most of them are yet to return from their break. So far, it’s been good,” a teacher commented.

However, the teacher remains hopeful that more individuals will enroll in classes, as this is her primary source of livelihood.

The slow post-holiday period is not uncommon, as people gradually transition back into their regular routines. While business owners may currently be lamenting the lack of activity, it’s expected that in the coming days, the hustle and bustle of everyday life will resume, and economic activities will return to their usual pace.

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