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Empowering Educators: Teachers Embrace Entrepreneurship for Sustainable Future

Teachers Encouraged to Blend Teaching with Entrepreneurial Ventures for Retirement Security

by Adenike Adeodun

The winds of change are sweeping through the educational sector as teachers increasingly embrace entrepreneurship to secure their futures. This emerging trend was the focus of a recent teachers’ durbar in Mataheko, where the fusion of teaching and business acumen took center stage.

Hosted by Emelia Anane-Frempong, the Circuit School Improvement Support Officer, the event, themed “Teacher Entrepreneurship – Turning Passion into Profit,” brought together educators from the Mataheko ’02’ Circuit. It served as a platform for idea sharing and networking, aimed at bolstering their professional roles.

According to a report by the Daily Graphic, Monica Ansaba Kumahor, the Ablekuma Central Municipal Director of Education, provided key insights into this new venture. Represented by Divine Bobie, a senior officer at the Municipal Education Directorate, Kumahor highlighted the need for teachers to strike a balance between their educational duties and entrepreneurial endeavours.

The durbar featured interactive sessions focusing on business ideation and market strategies, spearheaded by experts like Mr Boadu Appiah. These sessions guided teachers in recognizing market needs and devising solutions. Additionally, William Damptey’s Professional Learning Community session explored the implications of cyclic events.

A central theme of the durbar was the potential of digital technology in aiding teachers’ entrepreneurial pursuits. With the rise of small businesses leveraging technology, teachers were encouraged to explore similar avenues, ranging from culinary ventures to other legitimate businesses.

Kumahor advised teachers to identify their passions and transform them into profitable ventures, emphasizing the importance of time management to ensure their business activities complement their teaching roles. This approach, she noted, could lead to a sustainable source of income, even becoming a mainstay after retirement from teaching.

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