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Ghanaian Graduates Ready for Fourth Industrial Revolution, Says iiAfrica Boss

by Victor Adetimilehin

A group of 753 Ghanaian university graduates have completed a six-week program that aimed to prepare them for the challenges and opportunities of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR). The program, called Ghana1000, was organized by Industry Immersion Africa (iiAfrica), a non-profit organization that seeks to equip African youth with Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) skills.

The graduates, who had STEM backgrounds, learned relevant business and data skills for free, thanks to the support of tutors and partners from various institutions. Dr. David Attipoe, the Managing Director of iiAfrica, highlighted the importance of preparing students for the 4IR, which is characterized by rapid changes in technology and society. He expressed optimism about the graduates’ readiness to lead in this era of change and contribute to Ghana and Africa’s digital economy.

He also commended the graduates for their perseverance and dedication and urged them to apply the acquired skills in their future endeavors. The graduation ceremony featured a keynote speech by Professor David Dunne from the University of Victoria, who urged the participants to embrace creativity through curiosity, empathy, and bravery. He explained that these three qualities are essential for success in problem-solving and design thinking and encouraged the students to approach every situation with a critical eye and a human-centered perspective.

James Connor, the Managing Director of Insendi, a digital learning platform that supported the program, congratulated the graduates for their remarkable achievements and expressed gratitude for his organization’s involvement. The Ghana1000 initiative was one of the largest STEM education programs in Africa, attracting 1,928 applicants, of which 31% were female.

The program demonstrated a keen interest in STEM education among Ghanaian youth, and a positive step towards gender diversity in the field. The program also aligned with Ghana’s vision to become a leader in innovation and technology in Africa, and to harness the potential of its young population. The graduates of the program are expected to join a network of alumni and mentors, and to access further opportunities for career development and social impact.

Source: [My Joy Online]

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