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Accra Launches Gut and Liver Health Campaign

by Adenike Adeodun

At the forefront of health advocacy, the Save Your Liver Foundation, an NGO, has partnered with health advocates to launch the first national gut and liver health campaign in Accra. The initiative responds to a troubling increase in non-communicable diseases (NCDs) such as autoimmune disorders, diabetes, stroke, and liver diseases.

According to a report by Graphic Online, the campaign, themed “Heal the gut—save the liver,” aims to catalyze a shift toward preventive health practices, highlighting the critical link between diet, lifestyle choices, and NCDs.

Medical consultant Dr. Nathan Quarcoo underscored the dangers of a leaky gut, a condition where the intestinal lining allows toxins and undigested food to seep into the bloodstream. He pinpointed risk factors, including diets rich in processed foods and sugars, low fiber intake, chronic stress, overuse of certain medications, and environmental pollutants.

Dr. Quarcoo emphasized the symbiotic relationship between gut and liver health, noting how imbalances in gut microbiota could adversely affect liver function, leading to an array of health issues.

Nyaaba Aweeba Azongo, President of the Save Your Liver Foundation, urged public attention to gut health as the cornerstone of disease prevention. Azongo highlighted the liver’s pivotal role in detoxifying the blood and maintaining overall health, outlining how a compromised gut-liver axis could result in the intrusion of toxins into the bloodstream and an array of NCDs.

The campaign calls for individuals to adopt healthier lifestyles, focusing on nutritious diets and regular physical activity to fortify liver and gut health.

Azongo’s parting advice stressed the importance of proactive measures in reducing NCD risk, encouraging people to maintain the health of their liver and gut through conscious, health-oriented actions.

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