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Ghana, Togo Fortify Relations, Reaffirm International Boundaries

by Adenike Adeodun

Ghana and Togo have prioritized cooperation and harmony by successfully reaffirming their international land boundaries in a decisive step toward regional stability. This strategic move aims to dissolve the recurring border conflicts plaguing local communities, fostering a collaborative spirit between the neighboring nations.

Benito Owusu-Bio, Deputy Minister of Lands and Natural Resources, articulated the initiative’s significance at a sensitization program in Honuta, Volta Region. This joint venture, steered by the Ghana Boundary Commission (GhBC) and its Togolese counterpart, responds to urgent calls to address the dilapidated boundary pillars fueling territorial disputes.

“Revamping these markers solidifies our shared borders and preempts potential discord,” Owusu-Bio asserted, underscoring the mission’s third phase as pivotal for regional peace.

Notably, embracing the African Union’s Cross-Border Cooperation mandate, the campaign commands widespread endorsement. Stakeholders, spanning chiefs, executives, and security representatives from both sides, convened in a show of solidarity. The gathering reflected the intertwined histories of the Ghanaian and Togolese peoples, emphasizing connectivity over division.

According to a report by Graphic Online, the reaffirmation extends beyond diplomatic formalities, representing a bridge between cultures, as outlined by Mr. Owusu-Bio. It harmonizes the nations’ mutual narratives and values, propelling them towards a unified future.

Major General Dr. Emmanuel Kotia, coordinating the GhBC, illuminated the program’s core objective—safeguarding these crucial territorial markers. He recounted the progressive steps since 2022, noting the impending construction of new pillars to fortify the recognized borders.

“The next phase, spanning 100 kilometers from Agotime Afegame to Wli Afegame, is slated from October 21 to November 10, 2023,” disclosed Dr. Kotia, highlighting the ambitious scope of this collaborative endeavor.

Echoing this sentiment, prominent chiefs from Honuta and Klo-Mayondi lauded the timely initiative. They vowed unwavering support, acknowledging the project’s essential role in preserving national sovereignty and nurturing cross-border relations.

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