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Dr. Yamson: Address Barriers to Youth Creativity, Innovation

by Adenike Adeodun

Dr. Ishmael Yamson, a respected economist, urgently called for the removal of barriers that suppress youth creativity. Recognizing the pivotal role of today’s youth in shaping the future, he underscored their potential.

During a captivating address in Accra, which coincided with the 5th anniversary of Academic City University College, Dr. Yamson articulated profound concerns. Inefficient institutions, limited access to quality education, and fragmented policies are accelerating Africa’s descent into debt and expanding poverty. Moreover, he emphasized that these intertwined challenges diminish the horizons for empowering the youth.

Delving deeper into the subject, he asserted, “Recognizing the adversity our youth face, especially in places like Africa and Ghana, is foundational. These challenges, though formidable, spotlight the essence of youth empowerment,” as reported by Graphic Online.

Boasting over 50 years of leadership in Ghana, Dr. Yamson emphasized that the heart of accurate innovation pulses with creativity. Furthermore, he accentuated the urgency to stimulate idea generation, tapping into both the academic and corporate sectors. Infusing technology into governance, he proposed, could be a decisive move against corruption, setting the stage for sustained economic growth.

Considering Africa’s minimal footprint in global innovation, its economic inertia becomes palpable. In light of this, Dr. Yamson championed, “We must ardently nurture creativity and innovation to bolster our global stature.”

Drawing upon his vast reservoir of experience, he delineated seven essential skills poised to sculpt the leaders of tomorrow. These encompass an intricate blend of leadership comprehension, unwavering commitment to innovation, emotional intelligence, mastery of soft skills, adept networking, collective problem-solving, and genuine empathy.

Reflecting on the complexities of managing creativity, he observed, “Promoting innovation as a tool for youth empowerment presents challenges. However, this approach is paramount in transitioning the youth into impactful citizens.”

Endorsing the sentiment of youth empowerment transcends just individuals; it’s an investment in our collective future. Such empowered youth can metamorphose into the adept workforce of tomorrow, pioneering innovators, discerning policy shapers, and fervent advocates for sustainable progress.

In concurrence with Dr. Yamson’s insights, Prof. Fred McBagonluri from Academic City University College expressed the institution’s unwavering commitment. Dedicated to sculpting leaders adept at unraveling intricate societal puzzles, the college has carved a niche in African tertiary education, primarily focusing on STEAM and Entrepreneurship. Their ultimate mission? To be the crucible that forges the influential thought leaders of the upcoming era.

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