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Bible Society of Ghana Seeks Church Support for Scripture Translation

by Adenike Adeodun

At Holy Hill Assemblies of God in Accra, during the BSG’s 58th-anniversary Thanksgiving Service, Rev. Dr. John Kwesi Addo Junior highlighted the organization’s pledge. Their goal? To translate the Bible into all Ghanaian languages. This mission not only boosts evangelism but also safeguards local languages for future generations.

Addo Junior outlined the twin objectives: spiritual growth and sound financial management. Each translation costs a hefty GH¢7 million. But, he asserts, it’s a price worth paying to bring more Ghanaians closer to God. Given this, he called upon the Ghanaian church community for support.

According to a report by Graphic Online, the BSG proudly boasts translations in nine major Ghanaian languages. But with over 50 languages in Ghana, the need is vast. Addo Junior emphasised a broader reach and called for local church backing, aligning with the global gospel mission.

Established in 1967, BSG’s mission is clear: Bibles that speak to all. Recent innovations include Bible video versions featuring sign language. As Graphic Online noted, it’s all about inclusivity. “Our aim? Ensure everyone can access God’s word,” shared Addo Junior.

International backing for BSG is waning, emphasising the role of local church support. With seven ongoing projects, each translation can take up to 15 years. For the sign language edition? A 30-year goal. Yet inspiration from the U.S., the only nation with a full sign language Bible, spurs them on. Their method? Book-by-book translations ensure the deaf community isn’t left waiting.

Addo Junior wrapped up, underscoring these projects’ spiritual and cultural impact. He reiterated the crucial role of local churches in making this vast mission a success.

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