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Pakistani Delegation Advises Ghana on Agricultural Mechanization

by Oluwatosin Racheal Alabi

A Pakistani business delegation of four members, headed by Zafar Yab Anjum, the Sales and Marketing Director at KNZ Enterprise Ghana Limited, encouraged the Ghanaian government to adopt advanced agricultural machinery to boost production.

The delegation communicated this advice during a visit to the Pakistan High Commissioner to Ghana, Farhat Ayesha, to both welcome her and introduce the newly established KNZ Enterprise Ghana Limited. 

Joining Anjum in the delegation were shareholders Muhammad Yasir, Rehmatullah Kashif, Director, and the sole Ghanaian member, CEO Ali Nuhu Abeka. Their company offers a variety of advanced agricultural machinery.

Anjum suggested that Ghanaian officials and businesses collaborate with Pakistan to mutually benefit in trade and business. Pointing out Pakistan’s advancements in agriculture, especially in irrigation, mechanization, and crop management, Anjum believes that Ghana can further develop its agricultural sector by adopting these technologies.

Anjum also appealed to Ghana’s government to reduce taxes on agricultural machinery to encourage more purchases. He stressed the need to process agricultural products locally rather than exporting them in their raw form.

Ambassador Ayesha emphasized the longstanding trade relationship between Pakistan and Ghana, with the textile industry playing a significant role in Pakistan’s economy. She noted the presence of the Pakistan High Commission in Ghana since 1964 as evidence of their strong ties.

Expressing pleasure over KNZ Enterprise’s operations in Ghana, Ayesha mentioned the High Commission’s scholarship programs for Ghanaian engineering students, particularly those at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology.

Mr. Abeka praised Pakistan for its hospitality and educational opportunities, highlighting its top-tier agricultural universities. He emphasized the need for Ghana to shift from manual farming to mechanized methods for enhanced productivity.

In conclusion, Abeka expressed optimism for a successful business partnership between the two countries, praising Ghana’s peaceful business environment.

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